Email - Investigating Sayre

Can we recall if there is any record in history of this type of thing (maybe on a smaller scale) happening before? Or is there anything we can remember that might make the site(s) of the land motes significant in any way (maybe the site of a battle/cult/evil leader)?

Maybe we could see if the great floating mage city has a library? Or some resource in the mage tower? If so, we could maybe do some research into afflictions common to magic users or historical accounts of events that could cause mages to fall into comas… Or look into some arcane tomes to see if there was any sort of spell/ritual/arcane source that would create these land motes.

Um, yes, you can recall from the time you spent studying in the small library in the Thunderspire Labyrinth that there was a bit on the history of the city of Sayre. It started as a single reclusive mage’s tower, who gained resources and followers, and eventually grew into an isolated college of magic (during the time of the old empire (Nerath, I think)). After the fall of the empire, the college’s location along a river and protection of the mages caused a city to grow around it, soon becoming one of the largest independent cities in the region.

The reason why the mage originally built a tower there? It was situated on the conjunction of magical Lay Lines: a powerful location for any Arcane caster.


So, Aidan recalled that the city of Sayre was built upon a conjunction of Lay Lines (which are somewhat like rivers of magic flowing through the planes). There is an extensive library attached to the arcane college, which Aidan and Thia head to. It’s free of scholars, since they’re almost all unconscious. You being to browse the library, but its extensiveness works against you, and it looks like finding relevant information will take a long time.

As Aidan settles in to some serious research, Thia can wander a bit in the city, checking their comatose companions in the accommodating inn and their griffins stabled nearby. Many in the city have become skilled already at caring for the afflicted, and the “lakeside” inn was more than happy to take your generous payment to care for your three asleep companions. As a destination that could attract a number of powerful visitors using various wondrous modes of transport, the city of Sayre had several large enough stables to house your griffins—and the trained grooms to handle them. Satisfied with the state of their accommodations, Thia has a chance to look around more.

Sayre is a city built around the central location of the arcane colleges, which have been built over time starting at the near peak of the mountain down, using up the space towards the lake. There are a series of creeks originating from the year-round snow cap (or maybe from mage-created springs!) that combine into the river that feeds into the lake (whose original bed was dug as a crater from an early magic experiment gone critical). The original archmage’s tower still stands, said to be at the exact intersection of the lay lines, constructed close to the peak and just tall enough to equal the natural stone’s height. Other buildings and towers came together down the mountainside, becoming a sprawling series of colleges serving multiple arcane disciplines. The city itself grew naturally, based upon increased trade from the river exiting the lake. When the Nerath empire fell, the city’s naturally secure location behind the lake let it thrive and grow to its current size.

Thia manages to find a small crowd of citizens around a dockside worker who is giving an eyewitness account of the mountain’s ascent. He saw a conduit of ethereal, pink-ish energy glow up from the mage’s tower towards the sky, then many lines of similar color shunted outward along the ground. He watched the lines snake outward and combine along the paths of the lay lines. There was a cry from the nearby tavern when the first caster fell into a coma (who, ironically, wasn’t into his cups). As the glow grew more intense, there was a great cracking noise and a prolonged earthquake. The mountain rumbled and rose under the otherworldly glow, drifting upward. The longshoreman described the pink glow fade away after it propelled the earth upward.

Thia’s high Perception noticed a small young woman in the back of the crowd whose shy expression seemed to hide something she wanted to say. The half-elf, whose name, Silbira, Thia barely managed to coax out of her, quietly said that she noticed something else in the pink energy. Silbira was a new apprentice at the college of illusionists, not yet practicing any magical spells, but already studying hard. She said that the glow originated from the conjuncture of lay lines, and sent a conduit of pink energy into the sky. But, it stopped a few hundred feet up and disappeared into (she looked down at her feet, voice cracking with a lack of confidence) what maybe, might have kinda-sorta been some type of planar portal—she recognized it from a book. The light came back the other direction moments later, twisting around itself, strengthening, and that is when the glow surrounded Mount Sayre and it began to rise…

Back in the library, Aidan walked between the stacks, looking for a specefic tome on magic-based maladies, turned a corner to happen upon a gray-haired old man slumped over a table full of books. Approaching him with slight worry, she saw that the old tiefling was simply deep in study. Clearing her throat gently, Aidan moved closer and introduced herself. After a long moment, he looked up suddenly, and simply said, “Ah, yes, well,” then went back to his book.

Email - Investigating Sayre

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