Email - Epilogue to Thunderspire

In a dank and fire-lit chamber, Thia is kneeling over the groaning form of a rescued towns-person, applying a bandage to his wounds. Aidan is assisting her, snipping off the bandage where she holds it up, and picking up some of the finer points of ranger field-medicine. They lay the still-unconscious citizen back down on some rags, and stand up to survey the room, Thia groaning and clutching a wound on her side. Aidan hands her a half-drunk healing potion; This takes it with a nod, and downs a deep swig, commiserating as if it were a hard drink.

“Cure light wounds!”


Across the dimly lit chamber and well out of the way of any dead gnolls, an entirely-too-energetic half-elf who could only be Kyra has smacked another townsfolk on the forehead with her holy symbol of Pelor. Thia rolls her eyes, and shouts “You don’t have to hit them, Kyra!”

Kyra, in her infuriating fashion and shrill voice, shouts back, “But it works better this way!”

Aidan cocks a half smile, and accepts the potion back, throwing it down to finish it off. She looks at the empty bottle, grimaces, and says, “I wonder if Hadari can start brewing these soon…I’ve had some ideas for a while on how a competent wizard could improve the taste.”

Thia chuckles wryly, and says, “Well, if he’s competent enough to improve THAT, I’m sure glad he’s on our side! Speaking of which, do you think we should follow them soon?” Looking towards the large stone exit to the chamber, they both think for a second, then Thia smiles. “Well, I think they can handle one little demon-possessed gnoll. After all…”

She gestures towards the dimly lit and smoky back of the chamber, where a hulking body of a gigantic horned demon lies, slain, with a gigantic slice cleaved into its forehead (and injury that, interestingly, did not slay the beast). They both think back on the battles they just conquered…

Email - Epilogue to Thunderspire

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